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Welcome to FusionPlay Heroes, the first mobile NFC card game. It’s played with physical cards, each containing a Near Field Communication chip. These chips enable communication between the playing cards and a smartphone. As soon as you slide a card under the smartphone, it appears on the screen of the phone. Then the app processes the actions and visualizes the results.

The game is fast paced and always motivates to play “just one more round”. All components are pocket sized, so the player can always have them with them.

Choose your hero!

The game itself is a duel between two players like a digital-analog homage to beat-em-up games of the 16-bit era. Each player chooses one of the 4 heroes and uses the heroes’ unique skills to win the battle. Each hero has 6 different basic actions and 3 mighty combo actions. Each action triggers multiple effects for the player and/or the opponent. The players need to use combinations of these effects to make full use of their heroes’ strengths. This creates a very unique way of playing for each single hero.

Check your phone!

For playing the game, an NFC capable Android Device is required. Check if your phone/tablet is supported, before you buy the game.
Checking your phone is super easy: Try to install the official app from the Play Store. If you can install it, your phone is compatible. If you can’t find the official “FusionPlay Heroes” app in the Google Play Store on your device or an error message pops up when you open it, it won’t work on this phone.
With your smartphone, use this link or the QR-Code below to access the store page directly:

Android + NFC required!

FusionPlay Heroes on Android


• Merges traditional card games and smartphone via NFC technology
• Patented playing concept incl. smartphone trays for superfast gameplay
• Compact design to always have it with you
• Seamlessly blends the „face to face“-atmosphere of traditional card games with the complexity and deep gameplay of videogames
• NFC-Technology as the fundamental basis of the concept, not as an artificially added gimmick
>> real cards + digital app = FusionPlay Cards

• A digital-analog homage to classic fighting games of the 16-Bit era.
• Tactical duel between two players, sending their heroes into battle.
• Each hero has it‘s unique way of playing, own actions and special combos
• Complex gameplay without complicated rulebook
• Start immediately and learn the game intuitively while playing
>> Easy to play, hard to master

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