We merge the digital and
the real world.

About us

FusionPlay is a Brand for unique game experiences that merge elements from the real world with digital applications to create something new that is better than the sum of its parts.

FusionPlay also cares for small Indie Dev teams to bring their creations to live, publishing and porting them for PlayStation consoles.

FusionPlay is part of the game association, the German game industry association.

Indie Publishing

Potion Party

Step into the playful world of Potion Party, where you run your own alchemy shop. Grow Fruits, process them and use them to produce colorful potions for xour customers.

Earn gold and unlock new, unique characters with special skills. Extend and decorate your shop with many different items. Defend yourself against enemies and intruders, that want to mess up your shop and try to make you nervous!

Play with your friends to share the fun or play against them in versus mode to determine the best brewing master.

Are you ready for this boiling hot adventure?


Get ready for a supersonic, old-school 16-bit side-scroller shoot ’em up with a “colorful” twist!

pixelBOT EXTREME! combines the best of side-scrolling shoot ’em ups with an innovative color-based targeting system along with pixelated graphics, bombastic sound effects, and a soundtrack by the Lo-Fi band Phonotrash that harken back to the early days of hardcore 80’s arcade games.

Play as the rocket-powered pixelBOT as you shoot, fly, and dodge your way through 25 handcrafted levels while collecting orbs, weapons, and unlocking extreme challenge levels.

SHOOT, DIE, RESPAWN! And most importantly…


FusionPlay VR

FusionPlay VR

FusionPlay VR brings real world items into the virtual world of the latest virtual reality devices. The concept tracks real world objects and replaces them with virtual objects at the same positon.
This enables incredible immersion by interacting with a real object while seeing its virtual reaction.

Konrad's Kittens

You like cats and kittens? You have a Virtual Reality Device? This is your chance to have a virtual kitten which feels like a real one! Konrad the Kitten transports your plush toys into the virtual world and create the first virtual pet you can physically touch.

FusionPlay Cards

FusionPlay Cards

FusionPlay Cards merge traditional card games with smartphone apps via Near Field Communication Technology. This combines the complexity of computer games with the presence and „touch-it“-factor of traditional card games. The smartphone takes care of calculations, data storage and effect visualization. This realizes complex games without complicated rulebooks and extensive game material.
FusionPlay Cards enables players to immediately start playing and learning the games while playing them.

FusionPlay – Heroes

FusionPlay – Heroes is an NFC-card based hybrid game. Its core consists of a deck of NFC-enabled playing cards (FusionPlay Cards) which interact with a smartphone app. The smartphone acts as a referee, data keeper and dashboard for the game.
The game seamlessly blends the „face to face“-atmosphere of traditional card games and the possibilities of modern apps. NFC-Technology is the fundamental basis of the concept, not just an artificially added fancy-feature. By utilizing this combination of traditional and digital games, complex gameplay can be achieved without the need for a complicated rulebook. You can start immediately and learn the game intuitively while playing.